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Hollywood Glamour Portraits

I have recently opened a photography studio in Escondido. I want to take artistic photographs of women in the

"Hollywood Glamour" style or otherwise known as the "Femme Fatale" style of whom George Hurrell was the innovator.

For the time being, I am offering this service without charge or obligation. Don't hesitate to call me if you are all

interested in a beautiful portrait of yourself in this style. However, since it's a new studio and I need a studio portfolio,

I am willing to take regular portraits and headshots, family, children, couples, engagements, etc. I need studio

shots so please call me for an appointment to get your free portrait. 619-278-8727

In Hurrell's day, it was never called "Femme Fatale", but this style of photography has of late become known as such

since many of the women Hurrell photographed starred in "Film Noir" films cast as femme fatales of the 30s and 40s.

To learn more of this style, visit George Hurrell's (RIP) site, click here.