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The first thing I want all brides and grooms to know is I LOVE shooting weddings, and what I love about them is the emotion, and capturing it in photographs, knowing that these photographs will be shared by you and your friends and families for years to come. I'm right there with you, I know how important these shots are.

I strive to shoot in a "timeless" style. I would describe my style as a blend of photojournalistic and artistic, and these two styles will never go out of style, and I have always shot this way. What else can a wedding be but to be all about capturing moments, preserving your precious memories of those wonderful moments of one of the most important days in your life, accurately and artistically? If you visit my blog ( link on entry page ) and look at many of the weddings, you will get a good feel for my style. Also, I do posed shots, as well, and if the bride and groom do not want them, your parents and grand parents will, so do allow an hour of the wedding for these. I strongly advise you to hire a photographer who does both (candid and posed), and enjoys doing both. Also, you will read in magazines that the big trend today is "photojournalism" and this is true, and 80% of your pictures will be candid, i.e., photojournalistic, capturing many wonderful spontaneous moments that tell the story of your wedding, but trust me, despite all of the hoopla about this trend, after having shot 350+ weddings, 99.9% of all brides and grooms, when it comes to the print order, what do they order? Posed shots! So, above all, if a wedding photographer tells you he does not do posed shots, but he will if you ask, he is saying he hates doing them, and do you really want a photographer that hates doing them? I love it ALL. And posed shots are the most challenging, and require the most skill.

Wedding photography is not about gear, it's about the photographer's reflexes, knowing when to push the shutter. It's about emotion, capturing and preserving your cherished memories.  By reflexes, I don't mean reactionary, I mean anticipatory ( is that a word? ). For example, one tiny example, bride is being walked down the isle by father, the photographer turns to get a shot of the groom who sees the bride for the first time, that reaction is timeless.  A good photographer anticipates, see what I mean? This comes from years of experience, knowing weddings in and out, every nuance of them, and that's what it takes to acquire reflexes -- experience !  I have been a full time photographer since 2003. I never tire of them, every wedding is unique, and wonderful. 

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